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I am using partials in nanoc, and I was wondering if it's possible to nest partials in nanoc. In other words, can I have a partial within a partial?

When I tested this, the site compiled, but the nested partial did not display.

I'm using the Partials implementation described in this stackoverflow post: Must include files in nanoc always be in the layouts folder?

While nested partials are not required for what we're trying to do, I was just wondering if this is possible.

Thank you in advance.

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Yes, you can use nested partials with nanoc. Here's a way to demonstrate this:

  1. Create a new site using nanoc.

  2. From within the site directory, create the folder content/partials.

  3. Create the "outer" and "inner" partial content. In the file content/partials/_outer.html, place:

    <p>This is the outer partial.</p>
    <p><%= @items['/partials/_inner/'].compiled_content %></p>

    And in the file content/partials/_inner.html:

    This is the inner partial.

    Note that we now have one partial including the contents of another.

  4. Edit the main page, content/index.html, so it embeds the outer partial:

    <h1>A Brand New nanoc Site</h1>
    <%= @items['/partials/_outer/'].compiled_content %>
  5. Add these rules to Rules above the ones already present:

    # Filter but do not lay-out partial content
    compile '/partials/*' do
      filter :erb
    # Do not output partials; they are only ever embedded in other content
    route '/partials/*' do
  6. Now generate the site with nanoc compile. When you view it you'll see the inner partial content nested inside the outer partial content, nested inside the main page, like this:

    A Brand New nanoc Site

    This is the outer partial.

    This is the inner partial.

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