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I record calls on my phone (as audio only). Records are storing to 3gp file. When I play a single file it can be mentioned that it is plaing few times faster then normal speed of conversation. I tested, that played on ffplay using command

ffplay.exe %1 -ar 8000

sounds as a real speed.

I would like to convert 3gp file to mp3 file using ffmpeg file (easy batch script running on Windows). I started with command line

ffmpeg.exe -i %1 -ar 8000 -f mp3 %1.mp3

but bitaire of mp3 don't sounds well (too fast). I performed experiments with -b, -b:a and others parameters but bitrate does not change.

Which parameters have I use to change 3gp to mp3 file with proper bitrate value?

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%1 is a name of file –  Skamielina Jan 24 '14 at 0:07
You should include the complete ffmpeg console output. –  LordNeckbeard Jan 24 '14 at 2:57

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-ar 8000

forces ffmpeg to interpret your input file as being sampled at 8kHz. Is tis the case or are you trying to downsample it to 8 kHz?

If so try the following instead:

-af "aresample=8000"

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Well the commands you have fired are correct. I myself tried them myself and are working correctly. So firstly just try again with 1 file rather than batch files.

Here is command 1

ffmpeg -i input.3gp -ar 32k -f mp3 out.mp3 


Bitrate of out.mp3 is 47kbps

Command 2

ffmpeg -i inout.3gp -b:a 32k out.mp3

Bitrate of out.mp3 32kbps

So you can go with any of the above. Cheers :)

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