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After years of reading stackoverflow I reached a question that I cannot find an answer to, so I am starting here.

I am using python and matplotlib and want to plot with the xaxis starting from 1, nothing else being changed.

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

y = range(1, 1000, 2)

This plots but the x axis starts from 0. I tried to provide an x axis with

y = range(1, 1000, 2)
plt.plot(range(1, len(y)+1), y)

but this does not change the x axis itself.

Another way I tried is to use plt.xticks and set the ticks myself.

y = range(1, 1000, 2)
x = range(1, len(y)+1)
xstr = map(str, x)
plt.xticks(x, xstr)

But then I run into the problem of 500 xticks being drawn (or even more, if the y values contain a lot of data).

How can i simply plot the data with the xaxis displaying 1 instead of the 0 at the beginning, without the first element of the data to be left out or other data changes?

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okay, xlim is not working, but why not just leave 1 and 1000 on the xticks?

plt.xticks([1, 1000])
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A good idea, but unfortunately it does not solve the question if the values are too numerous. Using xlim with y values as y = range(1, 1000, 2) will still give 0 as the start in the plot. Does it plot with 1 in the xaxis on your machine? – tkja Jan 24 '14 at 0:18
@tkja I have a hard time understanding what you wanna achieve. Why are you plotting y alone rather than a proper ax.plot(x, y). If you just wanna start the ticks from 1, then the revised answer above should be good, no need to put a thousand ticks on the plot as you did earlier. – nye17 Jan 24 '14 at 0:24
Simple and working. If I would have the power to upvote you, I would. Thanks! – tkja Jan 24 '14 at 0:31
@tkja well, apparently I have. – nye17 Jan 24 '14 at 0:32

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