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I am trying to select from a list of 3 buttons, but can't find a way to select them. Below is the HTML I am working with.

<input name="pollQuestion" type="radio" value="SRF"> 
    <font face="arial,sans-serif" size="-1">ChoiceOne</font><br />
<input name="pollQuestion" type="radio" value="COM">
    <font face="arial,sans-serif" size="-1">ChoiceTwo</font><br />
<input name="pollQuestion" type="radio" value="MOT">
    <font face="arial,sans-serif" size="-1">ChoiceThree</font>

I can find it by using the following code:

for i in browser.find_elements_by_xpath("//*[@type='radio']"):
     print i.get_attribute("value")

This outputs: SRF,COM,MOT

But I would like to select ChoiceOne. (To click it) How do I do this?

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Use CSS Selector or XPath to select by value attribute directly, then click it.

# browser.find_element_by_xpath(".//input[@type='radio' and @value='SRF']").click

Corrections (but OP should learn how to look up in documentation)

  • In Python binding, find_elements_by_css doesn't exist, it's called find_elements_by_css_selector. One should be able to look at the exception message and look back into documentation here and figure out why.
  • Notice the difference between find_element_by_css_selector and find_elements_by_css_selector? The first one finds the first matching element, the second one finds a list, so you need to use [0] to index. Here is the API documentation. The reason why I use the latter, is because I copied your code, which I shouldn't.
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WebDriver has no attribute 'find_elements_by_css'. I would prefer to use CSS, as I am taking it from CSS, but found more success adding [0] to the 2nd entry. –  Das Bruno Jan 24 '14 at 17:21

In your for loop you can use the click method.

for i in browser.find_elements_by_xpath("//*[@type='radio']"):
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browser.find_elements_by_xpath(".//input[@type='radio' and @value='SRF']")[0].click

This ended up being the fix. I was getting errors without the [0] there, that a list does not have a click() attribute (even though there was only 1 match). Thanks for the help user1177636!

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find_elements_by_css_selector worked for me,

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