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Whenever I run a program in codelite, I get the following error 'Debugger exited with the following error string: "No executable specified, use 'target.exec'.". I've had several compiler errors with other C IDEs like codeblocks as well but whenever I download an IDE I seem to just run into more problems!

Please help, many thanks

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This error usually means one of the 2:

  1. You did not specify which executable to debug. You can do this from the Project Settings -> Common Settings -> General, under the "Program to Debug / Run" select your executable
  2. You did specify an executable, however, it does not exist. In this case, make sure you have compiled your project and that it compiled successfully

You mentioned that you have compiler errors, well, try and get them fixed otherwise the linker will not create the executable.

You should also note that codelite is not a compiler nor codeblocks they are both IDEs, they simply display the output that the compiler produces


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