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I can't believe that I have not yet found the answer to this question.

All I want to know is where to start in terms of using SQL tools (queries or SSIS I assume) to query CRM online (2013) and bring data into a table.

Is this even possible?

I want to download data, then I want to transform then I want to put it back. I'm sure I can work out that once I know to start!!!

Many thanks, Warren

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Unfortunately, CRM Online doesn't give you direct access to the database layer via SSMS.

There are some good samples in the CRM SDK that show how to retrieve data if you are up for writing some C#. This is their intro sample for how to connect to your CRM instance, gather some data, display it, and then update the entities.

Once you manage to connect to your CRM instance, you will have access to all of your CRM data objects.

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What I can suggest you based on my experience is you can get Data From CRM Online to your SQL using SSIS and you can use SSIS Integration Toolkit for CRM for it.

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I vouch for this. Free for BIDS use only. We're using the normal licence and it works well in both directions. I get what I need into a local table on a regular timed basis and then query to my heart's content in SSMS. – Warren Aug 20 '14 at 5:46

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