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I realize I can hit to get a list of all the repos I own or have forked. But what I would like to do is figure out all of the projects I have contributed to (commits, pull requests, issues, etc.) over the last year. The events API lets me get the last 300 events, but I have contributed a lot more than that in the last twelve months. Is this possible?

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I came across this question a while ago and it irked me that I couldn't find the answer (I wanted to list all my projects on my résumé).

Anyone is welcome to use the JSON REST API methods (just /user/<username> and /user/<username>/events/<page>) although the site is laughably slow because I'm hosting 250 million records from a VPS with 1GB of RAM. If you want the raw data I compiled (lots of GB of JSON), I'd be happy to give it to you.

The code is (of course) on GitHub:

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Thanks to a tweet from @caged, I wrote this Perl script to iterate over months in my contributions:

use v5.12;
use warnings;
use utf8;
my $uname = 'theory';

my %projects;
for my $year (2012..2014) {
    for my $month (1..12) {
        last if $year == 2014 && $month > 1;
        my $from = sprintf '%4d-%02d-01', $year, $month;
        my $to   = sprintf '%4d-%02d-01', $month == 12 ? ($year + 1, 1) : ($year, $month + 1);
        my $res = `curl '$uname?tab=contributions&from=$from&to=$to' | grep 'class="title"'`;
        while ($res =~ /href="([^"?]+)/g) {
            my (undef, $user, $repo) = split m{/} => $1;

say "$projects{$_}: $_" for sort keys %projects;

Yeah, HTML scraping is kind of ugly, but did the trick for my needs.

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This works for public contributions only. Any way to get private contributions using curl? I've tried basic auth, but don't seem to be having any luck... – marcc Mar 4 '14 at 17:41

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