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for example, my code is :

int main(){

I set break point on f, g. of course, the program will stop at f()/g(), but when I type "c" and then it will keep running. currently I have to type "CTL+C" to stop it. program also be killed.

is there any other graceful ways to exit from gdb without killing program if the program is running?


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I have to type "CTL+C" to stop it. program also be killed.

type "CTL+C" then gdb will catch SIGINT, then type detach and then "Ctrl-D" or quit. gdb will detach from you process and exit. Your program will go on running and its parent process will become init (PID=1)


(gdb) info signals SIGINT
Signal        Stop      Print   Pass to program Description
SIGINT        Yes       Yes     No              Interrupt
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First ctrl+c will actually be caught by gdb. –  dbrank0 Jan 25 at 22:35
Thanks your suggestions. but no idea why CTL+C doesn't work for me. but CTL+Z works. (gdb) d breakpoints Delete all breakpoints? (y or n) y (gdb) c Continuing. ^C [New Thread 0x7f71b4b09700 (LWP 2277)] [Thread 0x7f71b4b09700 (LWP 2277) exited] ^Z [1]+ Stopped gdb -p 21942 [root@lvs2b1c-93cb mongo_dev]# ps -ef | grep mongod root 2280 22493 0 22:22 pts/3 00:00:00 grep mongod root 21942 1 0 19:52 ? 00:00:04 /data/mongo-9923/bin/mongod -f /opt/mongo_conf/mongod.conf –  zhihuifan Jan 26 at 5:23
@dbrank0, Thanks, I fixed my answer –  skwllsp Jan 26 at 8:27
@zhihuifan, Please execute info signals SIGINT in gdb. On my computer its output I added to the answer. –  skwllsp Jan 26 at 8:32
@zhihuifan, Please, look at this question: unix.stackexchange.com/questions/92562/why-didnt-ctrl-c-work –  skwllsp Jan 26 at 11:56

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