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I would like to have an update in my NSMutableDictionary be KVO'ed by an object in an NSDictionary. Both these dictionaries have common keys.

An incoming data stream of "Bob" will appear in the textfield of my UI:

// NSDictionary of NSTextFields in my UI
[self setViewDict:[[NSDictionary alloc] initWithObjectsAndKeys:
                   _textField1, @"dataField1",
                   _textField2, @"dataField2", nil]];
// NSMutableDictionary
[self setDataDict:[NSMutableDictionary dictionary]];

// at some point in the code, I'll receive some network-based data
// and stuff it into my data dictionary:
[[self dataDict] setValue:@"Bob" forKey:@"dataField1"];

Any idea on how to make "Bob" appear in my textfield?

I read here on SO that attempting to sub-class NSMutableDictionary and then overriding its setObject method is not doable.

FURTHERMORE: I don't want to attempt to update the text field if its value doesn't change. (In the event that we are observing NSKeyValueChangeNewKey, does KVO fire if the new and current values are the same?)

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