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I have recently, set up an AWS accountand am in the process of uploading R packages I require

The process runs smoothly with CRAN packages using the command e.g.

sudo su ­ ­c "R ­e \"install.packages('ggplot2', repos='')\""

For non-CRAN packages, I got some help from this source and tried

Rscript -e 'library(devtools); library(methods); install_github(commandArgs(TRUE))' "ramnathv/rCharts"

The zipped package (and others on github ) download but then I get the error

'lib="/usr/local/lib/R/site-library"' is not writable . 

although that is where the R packages were written to

Has anyone successfully achieved this process and could give me the solution Tx

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It looks like you just need sudo to install to that directory. You could try

sudo Rscript -e 'library(devtools); library(methods); install_github(commandArgs(TRUE))' "ramnathv/rCharts"


git clone
sudo R CMD INSTALL rCharts
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The second option worked fine Thanks v much . For the uninitiated, I had to install git first sudo apt-get install git – pssguy Jan 24 '14 at 6:01

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