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So I have two elements on my page. A UIScrollView which holds all the contents of the page, and a UITextView, which gets dynamically populated with text, and then resized to a specific size like so:

self.productDescription.text = @"Long Description here.....";
CGRect frame = self.productDescription.frame;
frame.size.height = 10;
self.productDescription.frame = frame;

This works as lovely as one could hope- But, as soon as you scroll the UIScrollView this is embedded in, the textview reverts to it's original size.

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What is your textview original height? and content size of your scroll view? –  jailani Jan 24 at 5:17
Have you implemented any delegate methods for the scrollView ? If so, then have you set the frame for your textView in any of these methods ? –  GoGreen Jan 24 at 5:22
@jai 126px. I set the scroll view to some huge number (I think like 1500 or something) to make sure it doesn't affect it. –  DarthCaniac Jan 24 at 5:29
@GoGreen Nope. Should I be? –  DarthCaniac Jan 24 at 5:30
No, not necessarily. Did you notice the line frame.size.height = 10;. I think you are resetting the height to always be of the value 10. Shouldn't it be frame.size.height += 10; ? –  GoGreen Jan 24 at 5:36

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