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I have Godaddy Linux hosting with cpanel and a website with contact form. This form is working fine and sending mail to my gmail and all other email address either they are free provider or linked with other websites.

But its not sending any email to only Godaddy Workspace email accounts. I have already deselect the spam option and make all mails to inbox.

Hope any one helps.


Dipender Singh

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Have you asked GoDaddy about your problem? –  Chris Jan 24 at 6:07
Godaddy test the code and raised this to advanced technical support and then they advised me to check PHP Manual. For testing I have create a mail account into Linux email to with same domain name and received mails successfully. Question is why not received this into Workspace Email Accounts. Is there any chance that they blocked the mail function for Workspace Emails. –  Dipender Singh Jan 24 at 6:55

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You should be able to run an email test with cPanel/WHM that will check the send/receipt of emails sending to different email addresses. If you have a Godaddy dedicated server or VPS, you have to be careful how you setup your email accounts as the email might not have the correct MX and DNS entries as you are really hosting your own server. If you are using shared hosting, you may want to check your junk/spam box or contact Go Daddy.

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Thanks for you reply, I am using Godaddy linux shared hosting. I have made contact with Godaddy yesterday. They test the code with tools I dont know which one and raised this to advanced technical support and then they advised me to check PHP Manual. What rubbish is this? If they already checked that this code is sending mails to all other email accounts except only Godaddy Workspace Emails Accounts, then why they suggest me the PHP Manual. –  Dipender Singh Jan 24 at 6:32

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