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I've a HTML file named "aud.html". I want to edit this file to search for a particular strings present in $stream_name variable and replace the same in the html file. below is my code, but it doesn't work. Any issue?

 $RESULTS_FILE = "/aud.html";
open OUT, ">>", $RESULTS_FILE or die "Could not open results file:$!";
                print "Result file value is:$ln\n";
                if( $ln =~ m/$stream_name[$j]/ )
                        print "Matched streamname with logcat file:$ln\n";
                        print "s/$ln/$stream_name NOT-RUN/g";
                        print OUT "s/$ln/$stream_name[$j]-NOTRUN/g";
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You can read file, replace text and write it to new html file:

$RESULTS_FILE = "aud.html";
open OUT, "<", $RESULTS_FILE or die "Could not open results file:$!";

my @a;   
while ($ln=<OUT>) {
    for my $str (@stream_name) {
        if ( $ln =~ m/$str/ ) {
            $ln =~ s/($str)/$1 NOT-RUN/g;
    push @a, $ln;

open F, ">out.html" || die "$!";
for my $e (@a) {
    print F "$e\n";
close F;
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Hi Massimo, Thanks. But the out.html file prints only first item from $stream_name and nothing else. Also all my FONT colors added in the html $RESULT_FILE file is also missing. –  Sharath Jan 24 '14 at 8:08
@Sharath edited –  Massimo Jan 24 '14 at 8:35
Thanks very much Massimo. It has almost worked:) But, if $ln matches @stream_name, it should replace the whole line present in $ln with "@stream_name : NOT-RUN" , but it giving as follows: 123.mp3 NOT-RUN NOT-RUN : PASS ... whereas i wanted as, 123 NOT-RUN –  Sharath Jan 24 '14 at 9:07

Try this code

$RESULTS_FILE = "aud.html";
    open(FILE, "<$RESULTS_FILE") || die "File not found";
    my @lines = <FILE>;

    my @newlines;
    foreach(@lines) {
       $_ =~ s/find/replace/g;

    open(FILE, ">$RESULTS_FILE") || die "File not found";
    print FILE @newlines;
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