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I am using generatePreSignedURL which is generating URL of the format ( Using Java SDK):


I want to use a customized domain using CNAME. Two issues:

  1. As CNAME doesnt work for HTTPS; I need to use http. How can generatePreSignedURL return http url. This is a small problem.. because I can anyway change it manually by replacing https to http but that doesnt look clean.

  2. After changing manually to http; and this URL bucketName.s3.amazonaws.com to customizeURL.com ; I get SignatureDoesNotMatch !! Any idea on how to fix this ? Can my generatePreSignedURL return customized URL ?

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To have generatePreSignedURL give you an http instead of https URL you have to set up your AmazonS3Client with a different ClientConfiguration. I've given an example below.

The customized domain over https is not possible now because AWS does not host client certs at this time for S3.

ClientConfiguration clientConfig = new ClientConfiguration();
AmazonS3Client s3Client = new AmazonS3Client(awsCredentials, clientConfig);
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