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I am using the chromium-compact-language-detector to detect language but it is unable to detect Japanese in the string.

text = '1/15 HR Div.Q&CS Dept. 全体MTG 開催
1月15日(水)、赤溜オーディトリアムにてHR Div.Q&CS Dept.の全体MTGが開催されました。 ' 

cld.detect(smart_str(text), pickSummaryLanguage=True, removeWeakMatches=False)

output: ('ENGLISH', 'en', True, 11, [('ENGLISH', 'en', 100, 0.8103727714748784)])

Suggestions are appreciated.

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You may need to first encode that japanese string as UTF8, eg. Try This :

import codecs
import cld
cld.detect(codecs.getencoder('UTF-8')(u'1/15 HR Div.Q&CS Dept. 全体MTG 開催1月15日(水)、赤溜オーディトリアムにてHR Div.Q&CS Dept.の全体MTGが開催されました。 ')[0])

I think cld can't detect japanese lang . New version of it is available called cld2 . Check here : https://code.google.com/p/cld2/wiki/CLD2FullVersion

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I tried your way but still it is not giving Japanese. output : ('ENGLISH', 'en', True, 11, [('ENGLISH', 'en', 100, 0.8103727714748784)]) –  user1839132 Jan 24 at 8:25
Try putting that text in html file and open it in chromium . Its detect or not . –  Priyank Patel Jan 24 at 8:31
No it is not detecting it in chromium. –  user1839132 Jan 24 at 8:38
hmmm . Chromium browser bug . you can open ticket there if u want. ;) . –  Priyank Patel Jan 24 at 8:38
There is something weird if I remove "1/15 HR Div.Q&CS Dept." from the the main string "1/15 HR Div.Q&CS Dept. 全体MTG 開催 1月15日(水)、赤溜オーディトリアムにてHR Div.Q&CS Dept.の全体MTGが開催されました。" ,CLD is able to detect Japanese , CLD output: ('Japanese', 'ja', True, 80, [('Japanese', 'ja', 80, 162.0), ('ENGLISH', 'en', 20, 0.8103727714748784)]) –  user1839132 Jan 24 at 8:44

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