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I have an xml file similar to the following:

      <item name="items.names.id1">
      <!-- etc -->
      <item name="items.names.id100">
      <!-- etc -->
      <item name="otheritems.names.id100">

And the following class:

private class Item
    public string Id;
    public string Property;

The file has, for example, 100 item entries (labeled 1 to 100 in the name attribute). How can I use Linq Xml to get hold of these nodes and place them a in list of item?

Using Selman22's example, I'm doing the following:

var myList = xDoc.Descendants("item")
                 .Where(x => x.Attributes("name").ToString().StartsWith("items.names.id"))
                 .Select(item => new Item
                     Id = (string)item.Attribute("name"),
                     Name = (string)item.Element("property")

However, the list is empty. What am I missing here?

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The "XML" you posted is invalid. Also, what have you tried? – John Saunders Jan 24 '14 at 8:15
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Using LINQ to XML:

XDocument xDoc = XDocument.Load(filepath);
var myList = xDoc.Descendants("item").Select(item => new Item {
                                      Id = (string)item.Attribute("name"),
                                      Property = (string)item.Element("property")
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You can use LinqToXml to directly query the XML, or deserialize it and use LINQ to object. If you choose to deserialize I suggest to start from the schema and generate the classes representing your datamodel with xsd.exe. If you don't have the schema of your xml, even xsd.exe can infer one from an example xml file, but you probably need to fine tune the result.

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Try this one XElement root = XElement.Parse("your file name"); var items textSegs =(from item in root.Descendants("item") select item).ToList(); Now iterate over list and store it

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That not the way to go, use LinqToXml all the way. – flindeberg Jan 24 '14 at 8:40

The below is a way of getting information from xml using Xdocument.

string input = "<Your xml>";

Xdocument doc = XDocument.Parse(input);

var data = doc.Descendants("item");
List<Items> itemsList = new List<Items>();

foreach(var item in data)
string itemname= item.Element("item").Value;
string property = item.Element("property").Value;
itemsList.Add(new item(itemname, property));
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Please read up on XDocument.Parse. You are looking for XDocument.Load. – flindeberg Jan 24 '14 at 8:39
Thanks,, I modified. – Darey Jan 24 '14 at 8:47

I'm guessing you want the code given how your question is phrased.. also I'm assuming the real XML is very simplistic as well.

var items = from item in doc.Descendants("item")
            select new Item()
             Id = item.Attributes("name").First().Value,
             Property = item.Elements().First().Value,

Just ensure that your xml is loaded into doc. You can load the xml in two ways:

// By a string with xml
var doc = XDocument.Parse(aStringWithXml);
// or by loading from uri (file)
var doc = XDocuemnt.Load(aStringWhichIsAFile);
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