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I'm trying to enumerate all managed processes and list app domains they have and all assemblies inside them with help of MdbgCore.dll - managed wrapper of CLR debugging interfaces. Below code seems to work but it is not seeing most of the CLR programs - EnumProcesses simply returns single running program while I am sure there are more (launched by my for tests for example):

CorPublish corPublish = new CorPublish();

Func<int, int, List<CorAssembly>> EnumerateAssemblies = (pid, adid) => {
    MDbgEngine engine = new MDbgEngine();
    var result = engine.Processes.Active.Modules
            .Select(m => m.CorModule.Assembly)
            .Where(a => a.AppDomain.Id == adid)
    return result;
var result = corPublish.EnumProcesses()
    .SelectMany(p => p.EnumAppDomains()
                      .Select(d => new
                            Process = p,
                            Domain = d
    // I ommit my own program as debugger is already attached
    .Where(x => !x.Process.DisplayName.Contains("Console.vshost.exe"))
    .SelectMany(x => EnumerateAssemblies(x.Process.ProcessId, x.Domain.Id)
                        .Select(a => new
                            Process = x.Process,
                            Domain = x.Domain,
                            Assembly = a

Have anyone encountered such problems with this API? There is almost no documentation and examples out there.

Note: For curious, I just want to evaluate this API usability along with writing simple exemplary tool. I'm not going to use it in production code.

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MdbgCore seems quite old. You may be interested in the CLR Memory Diagnostics project, aka ClrMD as well. A quick sample. – mike z Jan 24 '14 at 9:04

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