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I'm a newbie with JQuery so if someone has an example of this that I could use I would greatly appreciate it.

Basically, I want my page to load with a large image (possibly 600 x 400) automatically and then after 1 or 2 seconds, automatically shrink up the image with a slide effect so that only a portion of it is showing (but I would need to be able to choose the top/bottom margin of what portion of the image would be left). I saw a similar example here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1869609/expand-shrink-image-in-a-div-with-jquery but not quite sure how to change that up to do what I need it to do.

Is this possible? An added bonus would be able to click the image itself and send the person to the full version of the image.

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You should probably look at this question/answer.

You can call .delay() on your selected element, just make sure you're using the latest version of jQuery.

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Thanks, I'll take a look at this and see I can figure something out. Like I said, I'm new at this so we'll see how far I get. –  scotthorvath Jan 28 '10 at 12:28

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