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I am aware there are many similar questions on SO - most of them referring to implement this concept with servlet filters.

I am using form based, declarative security approach. And, when some user, on login form enters his(or her) credentials (username and password), he is being redirected to certain/secured jsp page. Part of that page content is:

Hello <%=request.getUserPrincipal().getName().toString()%>
    You are able to view this page because you are authorized user.

Now, if user is logged in, I would like display his/her username, no matter if its secured jsp page or not. Something like this:

<c:if test="${statement that checks if some user is logged in}">
   User: ${username of the logged user here}

EDIT I would also like to replace JSP scriptlet part: <%=request.getUserPrincipal().getName().toString()%> with appropriate JSTL command.

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<c:if test="${not empty pageContext.request.userPrincipal}">
    User: <c:out value="${pageContext.request.userPrincipal.name}" />

Use c:out to correctly escape printed values and prevent XSS attacks.

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tried that, but nothing shows up, like if the if statement is not true (btw, i have included jstl core taglib) –  Wlad Jan 24 at 10:10
well, when user logs in then his name on the secured page (code above, in the question part) is displayed. So, it should be set. I tried going through several other jsp pages, coming back to this secured page, and it shows its logged user. –  Wlad Jan 24 at 10:18
+1 for c:out. @Wlad: are you sure, that your principal is in request and not in session scope? –  Kojotak Jan 24 at 10:21
@Kojotak i tried with ${sessionScope.userPrincipal.name} but still nothing displays. Basically, I don't know how to retrieve name of the logged and authorized user. And it is logged and authorized, because its name is displayed as stated in java scriptlet tag in jsp. –  Wlad Jan 24 at 10:37
@Kojotak how can I use jstl instead of <%=request.getUserPrincipal().getName().toString()%>? –  Wlad Jan 24 at 11:52
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I was missing pageContext object in both situations, request by itself is not implicit object in JSP page.

<c:if test="${not empty pageContext.request.userPrincipal}">
    User <c:out value="${pageContext.request.userPrincipal.name}" />

And JSTL equivalent for <%=request.getUserPrincipal().getName().toString()%> is: <c:out value="${pageContext.request.userPrincipal.name}"/>

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Whops... forget about that. That is what happens when answering without trying it... Fixed. –  Pavel Horal Jan 24 at 15:56

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