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I am developing a android application.i am using action-bar in my app.but its not working in my Android smartphone(2.2.3) crashing. give me the solution.

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Use ActionbarCompat or Actionbarsherlock library ;-) –  nbe_42 Jan 24 at 9:46
ActionBarSherlock is no longer updated, the author advice dev to start using ActionBarCompat ;) –  Julien M. Jan 24 at 9:54
thank u ....... –  Hemanth11MS Jan 24 at 10:11

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Use actionbar sherlock for supporting lower versions too.. follow this

Here is how to use ActionBarSherlock:

  1. Download the ActionBarSherlock here.

  2. Assuming you're using Eclipse IDE, right click your Project, click Properties, then Android. At the bottom, in Layout, Add ActionBarSherlock.

  3. Make sure ActionBarSherlock and your Project are in the same directory.

  4. Extend your classes to Sherlock naming. For example, instead of Activity, change it to Sherlock Activity. The main documentation of ActionBarSherlock is found here.

  5. For easier usage of Sherlock, create util methods in changing the Sherlock names and modifying it.

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thank u........ –  Hemanth11MS Jan 24 at 10:12
@Hemanth11MS If it is useful for you accept this answer.. –  shylendra Jan 24 at 10:16

If you just need to know ocally the android version and act according to it :

    // do something
else {
    // do something else
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thank u........ –  Hemanth11MS Jan 24 at 10:12

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