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Is there something else to configure for url mapping to get it working ?

When I type a wrong url in the browser the Chrome console show the error

GET http://localhost:8081/aaa 404 (Not Found)


and in the Grails console I see :

INFO  myApp.ProjectController  - Entering Action /project/index

But no redirection is doing to the error.gsp view. I tried to change with : "404"(view:'/') with no success.

Notice I use Angularjs in that project but only in one page for the moment.

Thanks for your help

    class UrlMappings {
        static mappings = {
                constraints {
                    // apply constraints here
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are you sure that your app is mapped to ROOT context? to http://localhost:8081/? Grails is usually mapped to http://localhost:8081/appname/, see last line in server console –  Igor Artamonov Jan 24 at 10:14
Yes I'am shure. It is set in my Config.groovy : grails.app.context = '/' and my app is showing on http://localhost:8081/ –  Lorenzo Jan 24 at 10:15
ok, just in case –  Igor Artamonov Jan 24 at 10:19
Are there any plugins in your app? –  baxxabit Jan 24 at 11:22
A grails clean + compile and its working. –  Lorenzo Jan 24 at 13:12
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