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I have a test suite which needs to run with multiple backends. It isn't a simple parameterized test though since it applies to the whole suite (multiple files/modules). I can control the run via the environment, but I'm wondering if py.test has a clearer way to express this.

That is, I'm looking for something like this:

py.test --set-mode ALPHA

Then in my test I would read this value:

if py.test.mode == 'ALPHA':
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Using pytest_addoption:


def test_something(mode):
    if mode == 'ALPHA':
        assert True
        assert False


import pytest

def pytest_addoption(parser):
    parser.addoption("--set-mode", action="store", default="ALPHA",
                                help="ALPHA or BETA")

def mode(request):
    return request.config.getoption("--set-mode")

See Pass different values to a test function, depending on command line options.

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