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I am trying to control the size of the HTML div from ASP.Net In my code, card1 is the DIV ID of div width is "75mm" height is "45mm"

What I need is that when I take the printout irrespective of the printer, or the system from where I am taking the printout, the div size should be fixed i.e. width = 75mm and height = 45mm on the paper.

When I take the printout the actual size is more than the given parameters. I am using the javascript code to take the printout

<script type="text/javascript">
    function PrintGridData() {
        var prtGrid = document.getElementById('<%=maindiv.ClientID %>');
        prtGrid.border = 0;

        //var prtwin = window.open('', 'PrintGridViewData', 'left=0,top=0,width=1000,height=1000,tollbar=0,scrollbars=1,status=0,resizable=0');
        var prtwin = window.open('', 'PrintGridViewData', 'left=0, top=0, width=1000, height=1000, tollbar=0, scrollbars=1, status=0, resizable=0, margin=0');

    function confirmupdation(confirmtext) {
        return confirm(confirmtext);

Please help.

card1.Style.Add("width", width);
card1.Style.Add("height", height);

card1.Style.Add("min-width", width);
card1.Style.Add("min-height", height);

card1.Style.Add("max-width", width);
card1.Style.Add("max-height", height);
card1.Style.Add("disaply", "inline-block");
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I suppose you'll have to experiment with those values to get it just right... –  Roy Dictus Jan 24 at 11:45

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