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I'm trying to import about 10K rows of UTF-8 encoded data into a new MySQL table.

I can do so successfully with LOAD DATA INFILE via MySQL Workbench but it the UTF-8 characters get mangled. I've tested the database otherwise via PHP and it accepts stores UTF-8 charaters fine. The problem seems to be with LOAD DATA INFILE, and I've come across a few threads about this.

Does anyone know a workaround, or possibly another similarly easy method to import CSV data?

Thank you.


For others who see this and have the same problem, just add character set as a parameter when running LOAD DATA INFILE. Simpler than I realised :)

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According to MySQL documentation for LOAD DATA, you can specify a CHARACTER SET parameter in your statement to provide the input file character set.

Have you tried providing 'utf8' as the input character set?

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Thanks..... just found the same solution, ran the data in and it works! – Tom Jan 25 '10 at 15:25

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