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I am trying to read a .mat file using either R.matab or rmatio and I am receiving an error that I do not understand.

With R.matlab, I receive the following error:

Error in mat5ReadArrayFlags(this) : Unknown array type (class). Not in [1,15]: 17

My R code is:

    pathname <- file.path(path, "EuropeStockLevelWorkspaceStyleCountryAlpha.mat")
    dfEuropeStyleCountry <- readMat(pathname)

With rmatio, I receive the following error:

Error in read.mat(pathname) : InflateDimensions: Reading dimensions expected type MAT_T_INT32

My R code:

    pathname <- file.path(path, "EuropeStockLevelWorkspaceStyleCountryAlpha.mat")

My .mat file is too huge and I have no way to post its structure as I do not have access to its structure.

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Have you verified the .mat file opens correctly in Matlab? If so, start small: create a small subset of your data (in Matlab) and dump to a different foo.mat file; see if that opens properly. –  Carl Witthoft Jan 24 at 12:49
Unfortunately I don't have Matlab, this is a file passed to me –  Arun Jan 24 at 15:48
Then call the sender and have him reverify it as well as the Matlab version which created it. Possibly R.matlab doesn't support one version or another. –  Carl Witthoft Jan 24 at 18:44
I'm having the same problem. Do you think this is a new bug?. In my case the examples in the package work. But one file in particular does not. Maybe it's too large for this tool?. My file is 76MBytes –  Wilmer Henao Jan 27 at 21:01
Not knowing your MATLAB version and without access to the file it is difficult to be sure, but I faced this error when trying to read a MAT file with a dataset (version R2012b). –  Ailton Andrade de Oliveira Oct 10 at 13:53

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