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I have two different models with same property (copy-pasted)

    [SomeAttribute(ErrorMessageResourceType = typeof(Resources.AttributeResources), ErrorMessageResourceName = "SomeThing")]
    public IList<MyClass> MyClasses { get; set; }

and to make an editor for that I am using @Html.EditorFor(x => x.MyClasses, "MyClasses") but in one place it works but in another it doesn't. And in that editor I am iterating through each MyClass object and calling @Html.CheckBoxFor(x => Model[i].Thing).

I see the difference in generated HTML:

<input id="MyClasses_0__Thing" name="MyClasses[0].Thing" type="hidden" value="Some value">


<input id="MyClasses__0__Thing" name="MyClasses.[0].Thing" type="hidden" value="Some value">

So obviously different names cannot be bound to same property, but question is WHY that happens?

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