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in php you could do like this:

 $key1 = 1;
 $key2 = 1;
 $array[$key1][$key2] = 'hi';

in javascript i tried with this:

 key1 = 1;
 key2 = 1;
 var array = new Array();
 array[key1][key2] = 'hi';

but it didnt work. how can i do the same thing in javascript?

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Your problem is that you need to instantiate the inner array before assigning values in it

var key1 = 1;
var key2 = 1;
var array = [];
array[key1][key2] = 'hi';

Or you could do it all in one:

var array=[['hi']]

Also, you should avoid assigning to specific indexes unless you're updating an existing element. The first example above will automaticly add an element


If you want to use specific keys, and not just indexes, you should use dictionaries or objects (dictionaries and objects are the same thing i javascript)

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what is the difference between var array = [] and var array = new Array() ? – ajsie Jan 26 '10 at 8:16
There's no difference. – elzapp Jan 26 '10 at 8:35

The key1 property of array is undefined at the time you are trying assign the property key2 to it. You need to actually indicate that array[key1] is an array before you start assigning values to it.

For example:

array[key1] = [];
array[key1][key2] = 'hi';
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JavaScript is having a problem with the key1 and key2 dimensions of your array being undefined. To correct this problem, these are changes you could make:

var key1 = 1;
var key2 = 1;
// define "array" as an empty array:
var array = [];
// define "array[key1] as an empty array inside that array
// (your second dimension):
array[key1] = [];
array[key1][key2] = 'hi';

PHP does some magic -- you can simply supply 2 keys and PHP "knows what you mean" and will define the $key1 and $key2 dimensions without thinking about it. See: PHP: arrays: If $arr doesn't exist yet, it will be created, so this is also an alternative way to create an array. To change a certain value, assign a new value to that element using its key.

JavaScript requires you to be more explicit about array creation.

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You can find neat implementations. For example, here is a way, which is a function creating an array for the rows and then, creating an array for each column (could be anidated in the other way, but...)

var sDataArray=MultiDimensionalArray(7,2);
function MultiDimensionalArray(iRows,iCols)
var i;
var j;
   var a = new Array(iRows);
   for (i=0; i < iRows; i++)
       a[i] = new Array(iCols);
       for (j=0; j < iCols; j++)
           a[i][j] = "";

The thing is, you just can't work the arrays just like PHP ones. Must treat them the way they really are: an array of arrays (of arrays (of arrays (of arrays)...)). Good luck.

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