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I'm setting up a server which will be hosting multiple websites, some, or perhaps all of which would benefit from memcached. If I have them all using the same memcached instance, isn't that a security concern? Couldn't one site over-write another's cache?

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That seems to be correct. If you want to have multiple applications (such as a website) all using memcached, then you need to have separate instances of memcached running. Memcached is simply a key->value store, and has no separation of users/permissions/etc.

One way you can do this easily is with https://gist.github.com/lboynton/3775818 or a similar memcached init script, and then set up each instance to use a unix socket in a place that only that site's user has access to (this is much easier to set up if each site is running as a separate php-fpm instance, say).

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Not a problem if you have control over the cache keys. Just prefix the keys with a unique identifier for each site. That way they cannot overwrite each others caches.

However, you may not have that detailed control over the cache keys. In that case I would go with several instances of memcached. That is probably safest and easier to scale aswell.

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Yeah - I'd thought of that. As long as any instance doesn't have control over whether or not they use the prefix, you're OK. So if there was a memcached middleman which automatically added the prefix... but if not, then technically one could over-write the other. Memcached has a keys dump function (stat cachedump) which could be user to figure out other users' prefixes. –  Daniel Feb 1 at 14:46

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