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How do you read files with metacharacters in the file name? For example:

  private void readDoc (String path) { 
   try {  
       SAXReader reader = new SAXReader();   
       this.doc = reader.read("_40208#1159SOV.xml");
 } catch(Exception e) {
       this.print(e.getMessage()); } }

I tried using:


but it doesn't work. Would like a solution that does not require renaming the files. Thank you.

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When you say "it doesn't work," what does that mean? Can you produce a program's output? –  James Kingsbery Jan 24 at 15:04
it is just adding /Q and /E at file name path –  user1722669 Jan 24 at 15:22
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read treats the system id as if it were a URL. # denotes an anchor in a URL so the method looks for a file named _40208 which doesnt exist. You can encode the argument

Document doc = reader.read(URLEncoder.encode("_40208#1159SOV.xml", "UTF-8"));

path to file's is getting from UI dialog (JFileChooser) which returns string

In this case the solution is even simpler: SAXReader provides an overloaded method which uses a File reference

Document doc = reader.read(filechooser.getSelectedFile());
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hmm now file name prints normal but SAX throws Exception that it couldn't find such file..may be something with charset i working on Windows and already try windows-1251 and windows-1252 –  user1722669 Jan 24 at 15:25
Is the file on your application path? –  Reimeus Jan 24 at 17:22
No, path to file's is getting from UI dialog wich return string –  user1722669 Jan 26 at 19:09
@user1722669 then you'll need to supply the full path along with the filenane –  Reimeus Jan 26 at 19:10
Yes i understand that,i using such _40208#1159SOV.xml filename for example my path string contain full path to file ( someting like "C:\files\_40208#1159SOV.xml" ) reader.read(URLEncoder.encode(path, "UTF-8")); // throws exception reader.read(path); //reading file if it'not containg metacharacters –  user1722669 Jan 26 at 19:27
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I find more easy solution for this problem in my case reader.read(new File(path)); works perfect with out any URLEncoder.Hope it would help someone

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