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I am creating an output that has duplicate values, but the HAVING clause doesn't turn 'blue'. enter image description here

The code does what it is supposed to do though. Could anybody explain why HAVING is not 'blue' and if this is a problem?

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Which GUI tool are you using? –  a_horse_with_no_name Jan 24 at 15:09
I am using the GUI on SAS 9.3 –  user2993827 Jan 24 at 15:20
As long as it works it's fine. Syntax highlighting in DM isn't perfect. EG highlights that correctly. –  Joe Jan 24 at 15:39
It works fine. I crossed checked the output I am getting with proc sort dupout and getting identical results. Thank you for clarification! –  user2993827 Jan 24 at 15:43
If you really want it blue, you can add it as a User Defined Keyword. Open an enhanced editor window in the GUI. Go to Tools->Options->Enhanced Editor. On the general tab, click User Defined Keywords. Add the word 'having'. It should now show up blue. –  Robert Penridge Jan 24 at 17:34

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DM has its quirks, and this looks like one of them. Enterprise Guide highlights it correctly. As long as it works, don't worry about highlighting - if it doesn't work of course it can be an indication of a problem, but in this case it's fine.

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Thank you! I also checked this in EG and it does look highlighted. This is good to know :) –  user2993827 Jan 24 at 15:46

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