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Trying to get the new Amazon SDK in Yii Framework.

Amazon doc says to use like this:

// Include the SDK using the Composer autoloader
require 'vendor/autoload.php';

use Aws\S3\S3Client;

// Instantiate the S3 client with your AWS credentials
$s3Client = S3Client::factory(array(
    'key'    => 'YOUR_AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID',
    'secret' => 'YOUR_AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY',

But you can not use "use" in a method of a controller in Yii, so in Yii you can use setPathOfAlias to use namespaces.

I'm trying with this:

            require 'aws-autoloader.php';

            // Instantiate the S3 client with your AWS credentials
            $aws = AwsSDK\Aws\Common\Aws::factory(array(
                'key'    => '************',
                'secret' => '************',

It's loading the "Aws.php" correctly, but it says "Fatal error: Class 'AwsSDK\Aws\Common\Aws' not found"

What is the problem ?

Thank you

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Is this for Yii 1.*?

In that case, just check how I configured it:

"But you can not use "use" in a method of a controller in Yii"

Aren't you supposed to use "use" at the top of a class? So the use declaration would come before the Controller declaration.

Quote from this tutorial:

Aliasing or importing should occur in the highest scope of a namespace or in the global scope. Trying to do this in the scope of a method or function is invalid syntax.

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I don't want to put the "use" at the beginning of the file, I need to put in the method. – FlamingMoe Jan 24 '14 at 23:27
I do not believe that this is possible. Use must always appear before a class definition. It is an instruction to the parser. – Ivo Renkema Jan 25 '14 at 8:28

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