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Hey Is there any existing way to run XQuery under python? (not starting to build a parser yourself in other words).

I got a ton of legacy XQuery that I want to port to our new system, or rather I want to port the framework and not XQuery.

Therefore: Is there any library that allows me to run XQuery under python?

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Sort of ...

Looking through the W3C implementations list for XQuery there is:

  1. Python bindings for Zorba
  2. Sendna, but might not be what you're after

A few Python examples with Zorba, from here

import sys
import zorba_api

def example1(zorba):
  xquery = zorba.compileQuery("1+2")
  print xquery.printPlanAsXML()
  print xquery.execute()

def example2(zorba):
  xquery = zorba.compileQuery("(1,2,3,4,5)")
  iter = xquery.iterator()
  item = zorba_api.Item_createEmptyItem()
    print item.getStringValue()

def example3(zorba):
    xquery = zorba.compileQuery("1 div 0")
    print xquery.execute()
  except RuntimeError, e:
    print e

There may be C implementation in that list which can easily be bound to Python. Hope this helps, I was somewhat surprised to see so few implementations. Although, XQuery isn't the most desired of the XML tools I suppose.

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Yeah Zobra seems to be what I was looking for, thanks :) – Ooki Jan 27 '10 at 14:49

Zorba 1.2 works from python. After installation you will get a python folder under zorba folder. Append it to sys.path, with zorba\bin folder also. After all manipulations import "zorba_api" will work!

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I had problems like Ted and tried to use answer from vadim. However, I had still problems to load zorba_api properly, complaining "ImportError DLL load failed" (not telling which one, using %1 as great nickname).

Finally, I got the solution:


  • WindowsXP
  • Python 2.6 installed at c:\Python26


  • Zorba 1.2 or 1.4 installed to standard location
  • Path to Zorba bin as first item in PATH
  • both files from Zorba bin\python ( and _zorba_api.pyd) moved to C:\Python26\LIB\site-packages

As result, I was able to run C:\Program Files\Zorba XQuery Processor 1.4.0\share\doc\zorba-1.4.0\python\examples\ from any folder in my computer, even without the python line, modifying PATH


  • PATH problem might be related to too long string there.
  • Process Monitor was of good help finding, which DLL cannot be loaded
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You could use Jython to run the Python code -- that gives you access to some of the XQuery processors from the Java world. For example Saxon.

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