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What cheat sheets exist for Django?

If possible, provide a description (e.g. scope, Django version information, number of pages, authors, direct download URL if it is in PDF), how you discovered it, etc.

Some external resources are Our Favorite Cheat Sheets, and TechPosters.NET, but I think there should be a directory for the Django cheat sheets here.

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Mercurytide Django Cheat Sheet for Django 1.5 by Andrew Durdin and Henry Kunz.

It covers model fields (e.g. BooleanField, CharField, FloatField, etc.), template tags, template filters, template date formats, and many others. 2 pages.

Direct link (PDF format, 73 KB). older - Greyscale version. The greyscale version prints a little bit better on a black-and-white printer, but not much. This cheat sheet is much better suited for a colour printer.

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Why settle for only one language or framework when you can have many: DevCheatSheet. It's a cheat sheet agregator website.

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There are three (, although one's outdated and the other one's the Mercurytide sheet. –  mipadi Jan 25 '10 at 16:53
Also, nice symmetry... uses Django underneath! –  Van Gale Jan 25 '10 at 20:08

Updated Django 1.5 cheat sheet can be found here Django Cheatsheets

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