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I am using CloseHandle() to close handle to a thread. This is done towards the end of the program and hence cleanup operation should be irrespective of the return value of the CloseHandle();

pc-lint reports error that , ignoring return value of function.

Kindly let me know if there will be any issue if ignoring the return value

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Easy Answer: I don't think I've ever seen any code anywhere that checks the return value of a CloseHandle, nor has a CloseHandle not working ever been the cause of any bug I've ever seen in 15+ years of programming on Windows (YMMV).

Real Answer: Of course you should check the error return (of all methods that could return failure, all the time), assuming your application has a consistent error handling framework already in place you would simply work with that. Failing to consistently check return values and assuming success is a recipe for bigger, often harder to understand, failures later in the code.

That said: Would I worry about CloseHandle failing during the application shutdown? Probably not. But thats only my 2 cents.

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