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I am trying to pass the following command through an ssh connection, by invoking ssh shell like so:

ssh -t 'echo -n export PROMPT_COMMAND="'\'   echo -n "\033]0;$3\007"     \''" >> .bashrc; bash -l'

The intended result is that the following line gets appended to .bashrc (with quotes exact):

export PROMPT_COMMAND='echo -ne "\033]0;hubba\007"''

The problem is that I can't get the escape quotes right. The client is OSX Mavericks, and the server is Mandriva 2010. The problem is that in Terminal, naming a tab does not persist through ssh (because the server will change it). By doing this, the tab name passed in will persist throughout the duration of the session. The "bash -l" at the end ensures the ssh connection remains interactive. It's almost complete, but the internal double quotes.

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This will cause a large build-up of assignments to PROMPT_COMMAND in your remote .bashrc. The problem is not with Terminal or ssh, but that your remote machine probably sets PROMPT_COMMAND in something like /etc/bashrc to update the title bar. The right solution is to simply change the value of PROMPT_COMMAND once in your remote .bashrc. –  chepner Jan 24 at 17:45
Unfortunately I am unable to modify the machine that I ssh into. The modification to ~/.bashrc needs to be undone every time I exit the shell. When I was on a Mandriva machine (GUI side) using the terminal app there, I could simply set the title of the tab, it would stick throughout all activity, remaining unchanged. OSX does not seem to have this feature. Sorry for my late response. –  rem45acp Jan 29 at 13:39

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Here it is, three different levels of quotes required! -

ssh -t \
  "echo \"PROMPT_COMMAND='echo -ne \\\"\033]0;hubba\007\\\"'\"" >>.bashrc
   bash -l"

I should add that manipulating the bashrc is probably not a good idea, what might be better is to set the environment variable before invoking the shell. This will work if the variable will not be clobbered in the bashrc. The quoting is also saner :) -

ssh -t "PROMPT_COMMAND='echo -ne \"\033]0;hubba\007\"' bash -l"
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Unfortunately the second ssh line does not work for Mandriva. It does work for Ubuntu though. I really can't modify any settings on the machine I am logging into, so I have to undo changes to the .bashrc on exit. Please see my comment to the question. Sorry for my late response. –  rem45acp Jan 29 at 13:42
You could use sed -i '$d' .bashrc to delete the line, wouldn't put it in the command though. Even if you use && between each, there is still a chance you will delete the wrong line. –  Graeme Jan 29 at 15:11

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