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I have been using matplotlib.finance to pull stock information. quotes_historical_yahoo() is a really easy function to use but seems to only allow me to pull information on the day.

Is there a way using matplotlib to pull stock values in intervals of 5 minutes?

If not can I get a suggestion of some other python software that will do what I want.

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I don't think there are any publicly available financial data sources that have historical stock prices in 5-minute intervals. For that data, you may need to use a paid service like Bloomberg. You could try to capture current and future 5-minute data yourself, but you'll probably get rate-limited by Yahoo/Google. –  sundance Jan 24 at 17:05
That is good to know, thanks for your time. –  user2327814 Jan 24 at 17:07
stackoverflow.com/questions/9673988/… Further, quantshare.com/… Lastly, I'd check out quantopian. –  henny.mcil Jan 24 at 17:08

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