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i'm setting up borders on my texfields. I put them without borders on

[self.localeField.layer setBackgroundColor: [[UIColor whiteColor] CGColor]];
[self.localeField.layer setBorderColor: [[NVGlobals border4MEColor] CGColor]];
[self.localeField.layer setBorderWidth: 0.5];

The problem is that between iphone and iPad app, the textfield has different border:

correct iPhone view:

enter image description here

wrong iPad view:

enter image description here


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Your border width is 0.5. I'm guessing your iPhone is a retina device whereas your iPad is not. With subpixel sizing on a standard (non retina based) device visual effects gets hairy. I'd avoid it if possible.


[self.localeField.layer setBorderWidth: 1.0/[UIScreen mainScreen].scale]];
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woha, i'm surprised. Many thanks, monday when i go back to work i'll try it! – Alessio Crestani Jan 25 '14 at 19:43

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