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I want to use methods defined in PHP from C#. I used Phalanger to create a .dll from my PHP file (using pure mode) and added it as a reference in my project.

I can successfully call the dll, but the PhPObject I attempt to create is null, so I cannot pass it the correct parameters.

Here is the code I am running: http://i.imgur.com/6JGqdKN.png

This is the example where I took the code to make the PhPObject: http://wiki.php-compiler.net/Code_Samples/Standard_mode_interoperability

I'm thinking Phalanger might not have installed correctly, but i'm not sure how to fix it since I do not get any errors, the object is just null.

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ScriptContext does not see your C# references - you have to add configuration into your app.config with references to your PHP DLL.

<phpNet><classLibrary><add assembly="xxx.dll" />

Anyway, if you are compiling PHP code in pure mode, you don't have to use ScriptContext at all (thats the point of pure mode); just reference the DLL and use PHP classes in the same way as any other .NET class (no ScriptContext).

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