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How would one achieve PHP email notifications? I have created a forum, and was wondering how I would create a notification system/event that fires when a topic is replied to?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Somewhere in your function to save a reply you'd add a check for people subscribed to the thread and email them? –  Digital Chris Jan 24 at 17:33
Eh, I didn't think about that. I'll give it a try –  Tayler King Jan 24 at 17:34
"IF" by chance that you're using Wordpress (which I know isn't tagged as so), believe they have a plug-in or plug-ins for something especially made for such a task. –  Fred -ii- Jan 24 at 17:34
You can have a table of comments, with the id of the owner-creator and a table of replyes with the id of the comment...every time someone reply that post, check for the owner and email him with the content of the reply...something like that –  Robert Rozas Jan 24 at 17:36
And if not (Wordpress), then you could also make use of a trigger in MySQL along with what (Digital) Chris mentioned. –  Fred -ii- Jan 24 at 17:36

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