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We are trying to move the build stage of our app to the heroku compile process. As many other web apps today this is a complex build script using Grunt and utilizing compass ( a ruby based tool) for some tasks. Quick googling found this semi offical buildpack and more: 1 2

Basically all of those options (try to) install grunt (and compass on most) check if a gruntfile exists and run a grunt heroku task

The problem is that even If I get the build running (and all of the package require a little hacking to work) - some tasks from the (long yeoman modeled with our additions and changes over it) build process are just skipped. If I log into heroku with heroku run bash and run the grunt heroku task myself, It runs correctly (I think, hard to check without looking at the website), but not in the git push heroku master step. It also doesn't stop with any bugs So I can't debug if this is a specific task.

Yeah, I know I can have a seperate build branch, so I don't have to commit the Dist folder on master. but that would require us to trust the devs (us..) to actually run the build task before.

I'll notice that I moved all the grunt tasks dependencies to the dependencies part of package.json (since heroku run npm install --production and won't install dev-dependencies) So missing dependencies isn't the problem (if it was grunt would fail). The grunt tasks aren't set in the Gruntfile.js directly but collected from a sub folder (again, If they are missing the task would fail)

So we have a very strange problem. Any Ideas?

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