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I need to specify my own exit code in my batch script when it successful exits on a if exist clause. As you will notice, I specified it as an exit 5, I have also tried exit /b 5 but nothing has worked. Any suggestions?


set FOLDER=%2

net use S: %SOURCE_PARENT% 
net use T: %TARGET_FILE%

if exist T:\%FOLDER% (
  echo Folder exists, process exiting
  net use S: /Delete /y
  net use T: /Delete /y
  exit 5
) else (
  mkdir T:\%FOLDER%

xcopy S:\%FOLDER% T:\%FOLDER% /E /I /H

net use S: /Delete /y
net use T: /Delete /y

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Why do you think it did not work? did you try to check errorlevel after calling the script? –  mihai_mandis Jan 24 at 17:39
it has to exit /b 5.How do call iy?From another batch? –  npocmaka Jan 24 at 17:39
I have the exit code returned to my java which is calling it. In debugging, the exit code remains a 0 –  staples89 Jan 24 at 18:06
Show us how you are calling it from your Java code. –  aphoria Jan 24 at 18:16
Then it is more related to java, not to batch... –  mihai_mandis Jan 24 at 19:59

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If you have a script script.bat containing:

@echo off
echo Hello from script.
exit /b 5

In the command prompt or from another script call

echo %errorlevel%

It should show:


Hello from script.

C:\Temp>echo %errorlevel%


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