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I would like SQL to add numbers from two columns and put the Average of the two numbers in a separate column.

I'm currently using AVG this way:

AVG(InpCount + OutCount) OVER (PARTITION BY ProcedureID) as AverageCount,
AVG(InpAmount + OutAmount) OVER (PARTITION BY ProcedureID) as AverageAmount,

I would like SQL to give me an average of the InpCount + OutCount and put that average in the AverageCount column seen above. If I could do this to the InpAmount + InpCount field too, then I'm finished.

Here is the query:

SELECT M.ProcedureID, 

       SUM(InpCount) OVER (PARTITION BY ProcedureID) as INtotal,
       SUM(InpAmount) OVER (PARTITION BY ProcedureID) as  IN$Total,
       SUM(OutCount) OVER (PARTITION BY ProcedureID) as OUTtotal,
       SUM(OutAmount) OVER (PARTITION BY ProcedureID) as  OUT$Total,
       SUM(InpCount + OutCount) OVER (PARTITION BY ProcedureID) as TotalCount,
       SUM(InpAmount + OutAmount) OVER (PARTITION BY ProcedureID) as TotalAmount,
       AVG(InpCount + OutCount) OVER (PARTITION BY ProcedureID) as AverageCount,
       AVG(InpAmount + OutAmount) OVER (PARTITION BY ProcedureID) as AverageAmount,
       row_number() over (partition by ProcedureID order by (select NULL)) as SeqNum

FROM BarRevenueByProcedurePriceInfo M LEFT JOIN
     DPhaDrugData L
     ON M.ProcedureID = L.BillNumber
WHERE DeptID = '010.4730' AND SegmentDateTime = '2013-12-31 00:00:00.000' AND
      (M.InpCount > '0' or M.OutCount > '0') AND DrugID = 'LIDO5GEL4'
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What's not working? – Hart CO Jan 24 '14 at 18:15
Why all the OVER clauses? Are you trying to show group by procedure id details matched to row data? What is not working? – CRAFTY DBA Jan 24 '14 at 18:30
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You should calculate the average explicitly. Avg is meant to calculate the average across different records, not across different columns.

Probably you would want to use SUM(InpAmount + OutAmount) / 2 instead of AVG(InpAmount + OutAmount) and similarly SUM(InpCount + OutCount) / 2 instead of AVG(InpAmount + OutAmount).

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That would work well for the rows where only 2 procedureIDs match. I would probably need an integer to account for a variable amount of rows based on ProcedureID – YepItsMe Jan 24 '14 at 20:10
@YepItsMe I understood your question so that you wanted to calculate the average of SUM(InpCount) and SUM(OutCount) for each row of the result set, i. e. calculate an average within each row, and not across rows. If that is not the case, please edit your question to state more clearly what you want to achieve. – FrankPl Jan 24 '14 at 20:14

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