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I am totally new to Adobe (Flash) Media server, We are using Flash Media Server on Amazon EC2 instance, and i can browse the default page of the media server with no problem. I am also using Flash Builder (flex 4.6) to connect to the server. Here is my code:

        private function connect():void {
            nc = new NetConnection();
            mic =Microphone.getMicrophone();
            cam = Camera.getCamera();

But it cant connect to the server, any comment? Just wondering if my rtmp address is correct, how can I check it outside of my code?

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just try with


make sure your FMS is running on default port, if you assign any custom port then include it in the url.

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its running on default port. problem is still there.I want to capture webcam video and save it. do you know alternative way to do so? –  MT467 Jan 28 '14 at 17:11
In the question you used applications/testfolder, where as applications would be your webapps folder, that means u just need to call your testfolder after the ip address. similar to nc.connect("rtmp://"); –  Suren Pantulu Feb 3 '14 at 8:52
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I found what was wrong with the netconnection location. I created a new folder in rootinstall/applications/ and called it testfolder and gave it write permission:

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In the question you used like


applications is not required as it represents your webapps folder. you just need to add


this should connect to your media server.

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