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I have been asked to build a landing page with autoresponder SMS and therefore, need the validation to be very strict. Unfortunately I`m not a JavaScript expert.

The number should be limited to 7 digits and it should begin with a few certain combinations only, the combinations are as follows:

 050, 044, 066, 099, 073
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You should use this: github.com/RobinHerbots/jquery.inputmask. There's a phone extension that makes all the job! Take a look! –  Fals Jan 24 at 19:13
So what have you tried so far? How strict is "very strict"? What would you accept and what would you reject? There's not enough information here. –  Matt Burland Jan 24 at 19:13
We are here to help you solve your problem , but not to write code in your place stackoverflow.com/questions/how-to-ask –  Andrea Parodi Jan 24 at 19:38

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You could use a regex like this:


Matches one of the three digit combinations you specified and then 5 more digits.

If you want it to tolerate spaces, dashes, brackets and such, then you need to specify that in your question.

There are a ton of other patterns out there that might match your requirement with a little adjustment. See here for example.

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