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I'm trying to load a WPF control in a C++/CLI application, using the HwndSource class.

Here is my code :

UBOOL MyWindowWrapper::Init(const HWND InParentWindowHandle)
    Interop::HwndSourceParameters sourceParams( "WindowName" );
    sourceParams.PositionX = 0;
    sourceParams.PositionY = 0;
    sourceParams.ParentWindow = (IntPtr)InParentWindowHandle;
    sourceParams.WindowStyle = (WS_VISIBLE | WS_CHILD);
    sourceParams.HwndSourceHook = nullptr;

    InteropWindow = gcnew Interop::HwndSource(sourceParams);

    Control = gcnew MyWPFUserControl();
    InteropWindow->RootVisual = Control;

        gcnew Interop::HwndSourceHook( this, &MyWindowWrapper::MessageHookFunction ) );
    return TRUE;

And I define a Hook function so the keyboard events are passed to the window :

IntPtr MyWindowWrapper::MessageHookFunction( IntPtr HWnd, int Msg, IntPtr WParam, IntPtr LParam, bool% OutHandled )
    IntPtr Result = (IntPtr)0;
    OutHandled = false;

    if( Msg == WM_GETDLGCODE )
        OutHandled = true;

        // This tells Windows that we'll need keyboard events for this control
    return Result;

And here are my problems :

  • The window title is empty (so the "WindowName" parameter is not taken in account)
  • Only some keyboard events are transferred : space, control, arrows are ok, but I can't type any character in all the text boxes

What am I doing wrong ? Thanks !

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Regarding the empty title - this is because the name of the HwndSource window doesn't have anything to do with the window title. The HwndSource window that the code creates above is a child of the window represented by InParentWindowHandle. It is this window whose text is used for the title bar. You should call SetWindowText() using that HWND in order to set the title of the window.

As for the typing issue, are you sure that you need to add a hook? I've only created small test apps with WPF/Win32 integration, but I don't recall having to do anything special to ensure that the WPF controls received all keyboard input.

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I actually made some tests with a new empty project and it seems that the keyboard events are transmitted without the need of a hook. So it must come from elsewhere... maybe it comes from WxWidgets. And about the title, yes, I noticed that the HwndSource is attached as a child of the Hwnd window in my test project, whereas it creates a whole new window in the main one. So it seems that attaching a HwndSource automatically creates a window, in my case, and I have no idea why. Thanks for your reply –  user258607 Jan 26 '10 at 10:26
I think HwndSource always creates a new window - that's just how it works. –  Andy Jan 26 '10 at 12:32

There is a known incompatibility in WPF interop within a native, modal dialogue.


Due to implementation details, WM_CHAR messages are swallowed by a modal dialog's message pump in the IsDialogMessage() function before they get to your control. You can force yourself to retrieve these by handling WM_GETDLGCODE in your hook function and returning DLGC_WANTCHARS.

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