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I am trying to provision using vagrant-aws and puppet master/agent mode on ec2. When setting vagrantfile(on puppet master) for provisioning, how can i get the provisioned box hostname as the puppet node name, as it doesnt exist yet.

part of my vagrantfile is like this:

config.vm.define DEV_MASTER do |ig|

  ig.vm.box = "dummy"

  ig.vm.provider :aws do |aws, override|
    aws.instance_type = "t1.micro"
    aws.security_groups = "default"
    aws.availability_zone = "us-east-1a"
    aws.region = "us-east-1"
    aws.tags = {
        'Name' => DEV_MASTER
    override.ssh.username = "ubuntu"
    override.ssh.private_key_path = "..."

  ig.vm.provision "puppet_server" do |puppet|
    puppet.puppet_server = "..."
    puppet.puppet_node = "???suppose to be agent's domain name, but it does not exist yet???"

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