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I had a look in my (standard configurated) httpd.conf on my Apache 2.2 webserver and I was not able to identify what configuration is responsibly that gzip compression is working fine?

I searched for keywords like DEFLATE, AddOutputFilterByType or mod_deflate. But none of these keywords are in my httpd.conf.

Can anyone tell me, why compression works fine with the standard configuration? What configuration line is responsible for that?

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You're looking for exactly the right thing, but you're probably not looking in all of your configuration files. You're probably using a multi-file layout, or looking in the complete wrong file.

Try looking for Include, or load mod_info to review the config that way in merged form.

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Thanks for the response. In etc/httpd/conf there is only one configuration file available, it's httpd.conf. But there is a configuration line "AddOutputFilter Includes html". And there is also a configuration "LoadModule info_module modules/". Is any of these two configurations responsible for the working gzip? If yes, can you explain why? – BITS Jan 25 '14 at 7:42
No, those things you cite won't cause compression to occur. – covener Jan 25 '14 at 16:33
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I found the solution: A mod_deflate code in my .htaccess file in a subdirectory on my WordPress blog (Plugin WPSuperCache and Autoptimize) were responsible for the working gzip compression.

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