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I am using ember 1.3.1 and ember-data 1.0.0-beta.5. On creating new mode I get following error

Assertion failed: Cannot clone an Ember.Object that does not implement Ember.Copyable

Following is my model code

App.myModel = DS.Model.extend({ name : DS.attr('string'), age : DS.attr('string') });

In my create route model function

return Em.Object.create({});

and finally on save I do following

this.store.createRecord('property', this.get('model'));

Although despite the error, my backend service is called successfully and new model is saved.

Please guide.


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I had the same issue which I fixed by doing the following:
In the model function of the route replace

return Em.Object.create({});


return this.store.createRecord('myModel');

and on save replace

this.store.createRecord('myModel', this.get('model'));


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I have tried your way. It works but it messes up the count of the number of users (I am using a user model) before you actually type in something. It is like you have a new empty record –  Ayoub May 3 '14 at 11:19

For the sake of completeness, in the scenario described by @acidleaf this is the solution offered by Yehuda Katz from the ember core team in this video:

Off the Menu: Building a Client-Side With Ember and Rails - Yehuda Katz @ Rails Israel 2013

In the route from which you're returning a list of resources to display (i.e the plural version of the resource StoriesRoute, PostsRoute, etc..), you'll returned a filtered list containing those which are not new:

model: function() {
  return this.store.filter('myModel',function(myModel){
    return !myModel.get('isNew');
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This should be the default behaviour for store.find(). If I wanted to include new models, then I should have to explicitly specify this. –  Decade Moon Jan 8 at 2:52

I am quite new to Ember and still trying to catch all problems caused when migrating to newer versions of Ember and Ember Data, but...

On one hand I think you have a mistake in last code block and that it should be:

this.store.createRecord('myModel', this.get('model'));
// myModel instead of property

But on the other hand I dont think this will be the problem :-/

anyway, try to look (and compare) to changes for Ember data here: https://github.com/emberjs/data/blob/master/TRANSITION.md and also on this http://discuss.emberjs.com/t/createrecord-using-this-get-model-throws-an-error/3968 or similiar

hope it helps!


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I have ran into this problem while learning Ember. The accepted answer works, but it first creates a new empty record in the store. This was not desired in my application as it displays the empty record in my view.

My Solution


App.ItemsNewRoute = Ember.Route.extend({
  setupController: function(controller, model) {
    controller.set('content', {});


App.ItemsNewController = Ember.ObjectController.extend({
  actions: {
    save: function() {
      this.store.createRecord('item', {
        title: this.get('newTitle'),
        category: this.get('newCategory')


<script type="text/x-handlebars" data-template-name="items">
<ul class="list-group">
    <li class="list-group-item">{{title}} - {{category}}</li>

  <li class="list-group-item">{{#link-to "items.new"}}Add{{/link-to}}</li>

<script type="text/x-handlebars" data-template-name="items/new">
<li class="list-group-item">
  {{input class="form-control" value=newTitle placeholder="Title"}}
  {{input class="form-control" value=newCategory placeholder="Category"}}
  <button class="btn btn-default" {{action "save"}}>Save</button>
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