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(edit to this post is at bottom below) I have a multi-user site and I want to restrict media upload to the basic functions of the media uploader - media library and upload images. Ideally this would apply to anyone not an admin (cannot update core) - but I am starting by just trying to unset / hide the upload from url, set feature image and create gallery from the left side panel.

A wp user - consumedesign posted a great function code to unset the upload from url and I modified it to take into account the feature image and gallery as below. It successfully unset the upload from url - but the other two (create gallery and feature image links) left 2 'media library' links behind... The function code I used was:

function remove_media_tab($strings) {
return $strings;

As I'm relatively new-to code - I've trial and errored my way to this point and I am lost at how to finish this.

Is there a better way to unset / hide the wp side-panel links for upload from url, create gallery and set featured image? Thank you for any guidance that can be provided.

Edit to original post - In a wordpress post it has been suggested that it might be better to try setting the unwanted strings to an empty string before seeking to unset them. This sounds reasonable to me and so am trying to source material to guide in setting strings to empty - but this does not seem to be readily found.

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