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I'm trying to add another view controller inside a UITableView cell. The idea is that you tap the cell, and it expands to show more content--a messaging interface. It's important (I think) that this is controlled by a separate Messaging ViewController.

Expanding the cell and having views inside the cell expand with the proper constraints is actually very straightforward in Storyboards, so I tried to keep everything in storyboards by adding my new VC to the TableViewCell via a Container. That way I'd be able to add constraints on the container view, and pipe the content in from my Messaging VC.

Here's the error:

Illegal Configuration: Container Views cannot be placed in elements that are repeated at runtime.

Any way to get around this issue, or is there a way I can pipe the view from my viewcontroller into this tableviewcell and have it constrain to a configuration that I set in Storyboards? Thank you!

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Looks like this is possible, but not via a storyboard. stackoverflow.com/questions/14741951/… –  greg Jan 25 '14 at 2:48

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Make your UITableViewController content as Static.

enter image description here

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This only works if you don't need dynamic cells!! –  Rob Evans Jul 30 '14 at 14:59

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